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Mascot design in popular culture

Mascots can represent a number of things, from sports teams, political parties to advertising a product and even in military service. This is usually a character or animal that is an identifiable symbolic representation for something. Mascot design is very … Continue reading

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London 2012 Mascot Designs

Have you seen the mascot designs for the London 2012 games? Turns out the design team in London is going for a very progressive look.  The 2012 Olympic mascots depart from safe territory and take a big risk with their … Continue reading

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The Story of Mascot Design

Come join me and discover an incredible story about mascot design. It’s a story that starts way back with our cave dwelling ancestors at the dawn of mankind. That might surprise some people because many think mascots are a modern … Continue reading

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Why I’m crazy about mascots and costumes of all kinds

I really couldn’t say when it all started.  At some point in my life I just caught a bug for mascots and anything to do with mascot design.  So what ends up happening? Well for starters this blog along with … Continue reading

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